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About IT Net World


IT Net World Ltd allows you to focus on today's challenges in delivering high quality products, know-how and services to your demanding customers. We provide a portfolio of innovative products from world leading manufacturers in telecommunication products. Our commitment and dedication will enable your company to:

  • Implement VoIP Solutions more easily and faster 

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Reduce running cost of PBX and lower your phone bill

  • Enable competitive advantage


IT Net World Ltd is a private company located in Auckland, New Zealand, that is dedicated to making VoIP communication reliable, convenient and easy-to-use. It was founded by Andy Egli in May 2005.

Our product line philosophy is to exploit the power and flexibility of IP-based telephony in the enterprise environment and to provide innovative new ways to communicate and integrate telephony into existing business process applications. We offer a unique way to keep in touch, with powerful features that simply have not existed before.

IT Net World Ltd’s breakthrough technology portfolio immensely improves the quality and simplicity of VoIP, and provides the foundation to implement in existing databases and CRM systems.
IT Net World Ltd can look back on 10 years of experience in VoIP, which is today’s fastest growing IT market.

What our clients say:

                               *  *  *  *  *
What a great team. ‏Brilliant customer service from IT Net World again. Thanks folks :-)


Cheers Warren

                               *  *  *  *  *

Just a quick note to say thanks - problem now solved with new router. I wanted to feed back to you that Ross who I spoke to yesterday was very nice and gave good customer service.


Best wishes


About us

At IT Net World we guarantee to provide you with a set of professional quality, easy to use products and great customer service.


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